I have thought of starting a blog for some time now.  What was stopping me? Honestly I couldn’t choose a name for it.  I struggled for months.  The name I finally decided on just kind of popped out of nowhere.

I stopped into my local bookstore.  I was wandering around trying to decide what it was i was looking for that day.  I ended up at the checkout isle with a crochet pattern book and a Janis Joplin CD.  The lady rung up my items and said to me: “Joplin and crochet! it doesn’t get any better than that does it”? I completely agreed with her comment and that’s when it hit me, the name for my new site.  Joplin and Crochet!

I look forward to building this site and hope it grows and grows just as my deep love for Joplin and crochet!


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